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About web sites

Some websites I have developed can be seen by following the links in the left-hand margin.

At building WEBsites, I can do all, or any one of:

  • Design your site
  • Register your domain name
  • Organise your web hosting
  • Maintain your site and keep it up to date.
    • (This is the area where many people find that their web developer fails them. I remind you to send me updates, and I make changes to the content of your site promptly.)

At building WEBsites I:

  • design the site in consultation with you
  • develop and build the site
  • enhance images if necessary
  • optimise images for fast web viewing
  • draw maps, or link to a map website
    • (Google maps or Sensis Whereis)
  • write and copy-edit the content
    • (check spelling, grammar, facts)
  • maintain and update the site
  • nag you for new price lists and up-to-date information
    • (but only if you want me to)
  • provide you with an instruction manual if you prefer to update your site yourself

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