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The process:

You need to decide if you want:

  • more than 1 page (1-page websites do not require a menu and are usually simple and therefore cheaper to develop; this could be an economical way of establishing your presence on the web)
  • to operate a shopping cart
    • (a shopping cart involves using a ready-made service for which you have to pay a fee; you need to have a merchant account so you can accept credit cards)

Together, we analyse your expectations and your audience.

What you keep, even if you move to a new provider:

  • the domain name
  • the design
  • the text
  • a CD containing:
    • the site files
    • user documents
    • passwords and user names in a neat summary
    • in short, all the things you need to keep the site running smoothly

But, please bear in mind:

  • Your website needs to be accessible, fast to load, and simple to use. This means your site needs to be written in good clean code, which is what I do.
    • (You don't like sitting waiting for a site to load: your time is too precious. Your clients are just like you. They want it now. They want it fast. And they'll move on if you make them wait.)
  • Your website needs to demonstrate your credibility. Accuracy in all details is important.
    • (Are you fed up with sites that are incomprehensible because they're so badly written? Would you like to take a fat red pen and correct the spelling?)
    • This is my strength. As a book publisher and editor, I have plenty of experience in getting the text right.

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